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Secure / ADA Accepted Clear
4.6oz ADA clear Fluoride Mint Tooth Gel

OraLine Secure Care Products is dedicated to clear, flexible packaging in the presentation of our products. Designed for safety in your correctional institution; This ADA accepted fluoride mint toothgel is Available in 1.0 oz., 3.0 oz., 4.6 oz., and 6.4 oz. sizes. Our unique Clear tube design provides added security by eliminating the possibility of inmate tampering or using the tube to conceal contraband. All of our tubes are made of Ceramis®, a clear material with barrier qualities that ensure the retention of moisture, flavor or fragrance.


OraLine has been the innovator and leader in secure care products since 1997. (Link to OraLine Secure Care history page.) Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality products that insure proper inmate health and staff security. The OraLine brand means that you don't have to pay national brand prices to receive national brand quality.


OraLine ADA accepted fluoride mint toothgel (link to Home page) is sold in cases of 24 units for the 4.6 oz., 36 units for 6.4 oz., 72 units for the 3oz., and 144 units in the 1 oz. tubes. Orders will ship from our distribution center in Cortland, New York.


Did you know that OraLine Secure Care Products also offers a complete line of security toothbrushes to meet your specific security concerns? We invite you to view our entire line of OraLine® Secure Care Products, which includes OraLine Secure Care ADA Accepted Toothgel and paste, OraLine® Secure Care Disposable Razors, and a variety of Secure Care Dental Floss.


Your opinion matters! Our product line is constantly evolving. Please take a moment to fill out the attached form with your contact information and comments on how we can improve our products.


Follow our Secure Care blog where we will discuss and catalogue issues important to correctional security and inmate health care.

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