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OraLine ® Secure Care Products introduces a newly designed disposable security razor for use in correctional institutions. Made with minimal structural plastic handles, this razor features a reduced blade and a redesigned hard cover to highlight possible tampering and alert staff to potential dangers. Designed for inmate use with safety in mind, the 90021 security razor is cost effective and has a short handle to provide a shank free use, while still maintaining its functionality. Virtually tamperproof razors are important for use in medium security, maximum security and over-crowded prison environments where officer and inmate safety could otherwise be compromised.


OraLine has been the innovator and leader in correctional personal care products since 1997. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products to insure proper inmate health and staff safety.

Several prisons have opted to ban disposable razors all togetherdue to staff frustration surrounding the issue of easily lifted blade covers. They have opted for a more expensive electric razor shaving systems in order to insure inmate and guard safety which require costly intensive staff monitoring. Past product developments like cropped blades have proven to add no real value to the safety features of security razors but increased product cost tremendously, rendering them nonexistent in the correctional market today. A combination truly tamper resistant security razor with consistent staff monitoring has proven to be the safest, most cost effective system for facilities in managing razors.


The OraLine Secure Care Razor is designed to bend slightly using pliable plastic, making it difficult to melt down in to a point, therefore, preventing the razors handle to be used as a shank. The red hard cover weld design reduces tampering by making it impossible to remove the blade without destroying the blade housing.


OraLine Secure Care Disposable Razors are sold in cases of 1000 units and come packaged in groups of 10. Orders ship from our distribution center in Cortland, New York.


Did you know that OraLine® Secure Care Products also offers a OraLine Secure Care 3-1 Bath Gel for correctional institutions? We invite you to review the entire line of OraLine Secure Care Products, which includes OraLine Secure Care ADA Accepted Toothgel, OraLine Secure Care flexible toothbrushes, and a variety of Secure Care Dental Floss.


Your opinion matters! Our product line is continually evolving. Please fill out the attached formwith your contact information and comments on how we can improve our products.


We also invite you to read our Secure Care blog where we discuss and catalogue issues important to correctional security and inmate health care.

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