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Secure / Security Toothbrush

OraLine Secure Care Products introduces the pre-pasted fully flexible security toothbrush for use in high turnover facilities. This innovative brush was designed (with the dentifrice already on the bristles) for jail or prison intakes and for short term sentences, or pre-trial detainees. The 90011 Pre-pasted flexible security toothbrush is packaged in boxes of 720 and has a short handle to insure a shank free use. Anti-shank toothbrushes are important for use in prison environments where officer, staff, and inmate safety could otherwise be compromised.


OraLine Secure Care toothbrushes

The OraLine Secure Care Flexible Security Toothbrush is designed to bend at 90 degrees and return to its original position. It is a total length of 3" and features 41 tuft soft end rounded nylon bristles. The flexible toothbrush design deters the toothbrush from being sharpened into a point, or shank. The handle has been shortened to inhibit it from being melted down and used as a weapon. An ergonomically designed handle allows for the thumb and index finger to rest comfortably on the handle insuring its functionality.


Did you know that following a preventive dental hygiene regiment is necessary for overall well-being? It has been suggested that poor dental hygiene has been linked to coronary heart disease and other medical problems. a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association stated that "bad hygiene can allow up to 700 different types of bacteria to enter the bloodstream" Which can leads to serious health issues. OraLine Secure Care Products offers an entire line of cost effective oral care products, which includes several security toothbrushes, ADA toothgels and pastes, and a variety of Secure Care Dental Flosses.


OraLine has been the innovator and leader in correctional personal care products since 1997.

We invite you to follow our weekly Secure Care blog where we discuss and catalogue issues important to correctional security and inmate health care.

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