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Toothbrush Specifications


OraLine toothbrushes are made with nylon 6.12, the highest quality available for toothbrush manufacturing. Our toothbrushes are primarily made with "soft" nylon, which has a diameter of 0.007 inches. The Kids 27 Group toothbrushes are made with "extra soft" nylon, which has a diameter of 0.006 inches.



Many of our toothbrushes are made with colored bristles. The toothbrushes that are not made with colored bristles are made with "natural bristles," which are translucent and colorless.


The most critical aspect of toothbrush nylon is "end rounding." End rounding refers to the profile of each bristle end, which are ground by pestles to create round domes. These round ends are actually in contact with the teeth when the patient is brushing.



Topography refers to the profile of the bristles, which can be flat or irregular, as in the case of the V-trim or OraBend toothbrushes.



OraLine toothbrushes are made with three different types of plastics: opaque, clear or translucent. Some of our handles are made with a combination of two plastics. OraDent and OraDent Kids brushes also use a synthetic rubber or thermoplastic elastomer that makes the toothbrush handle easier to grip. These brushes are all in the premium category. All of our brushes are made in assortments of at least four colors, and some as many as eight colors.
Custom Decorating

We now have custom imprinting available on all models. Most of the models can be imprinted using the hot stamp method, which transmits a colored foil. We pad-print the curved handled models with a variety of ink colors. Our parameters are 30 characters for adult handles and 25 characters for kids handles. With pad-printing, we can print logos as well. New LogoJet technology enables us to print 4 color from process on some of our toothbrushes with White handles. This method requires no additional set-up fee.



Our standard packaging is a clear "cello" bag, which is actually polypropylene. For a higher end package, we can place all the toothbrushes in cases made of translucent polypropylene.



Our standard package is one gross (144) toothbrushes packed loosely in a corrugated carton.



Our standard for palletization is 150 cases to a pallet.


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