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BFE-95 Ear-loop Face Masks


Item# ORA70037-10

These BFE face masks are made of non-woven fabric for easy breathability. Soft and comfortable ear loops, keeps it hold on your face without the need to adjust it when you work. A flexible Nose bar is located at the bridge of nose; The four sides of the marks join flatly and tightly to the face; Hence, it avoids unfiltered air directly entering into the disposable face masks and makes breathe safely. Masks contain filters that prevent spray and pollutants from being spread. For hygiene reasons, use disposable masks and replace them when they get moist. It is best to change them regularly so they can remain effective.

• In stock and ready to ship

• Disposable 3 Ply, blue single use masks • Standard procedural level-1 face masks

• Made of spunbond non-woven polypropylene

• 80 mmHg Fluid resistant and filtration efficiency of BFE ≥95%

10 Cartons of 50 masks per box

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