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Dental Marketing this Holiday Season

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Don't Miss Out on Marketing Opportunities this Holiday season. Did you know that a simple and easy way to gain attention for your practice is putting up Christmas lights? If you haven't done so already, it's not too late to get those lights hung!


If you have the extra money in your budget, hire a professional lighting company to decorate the office building with an elaborate lighting display. If your practice is on a budget, close early one afternoon and make decorating a great team building activity for your staff. Offer Hot coca and Christmas cookies and play Christmas Carols. Decorating your office will not only draw community attention but it may also help lure in new customers.  By showing your holiday spirit you show your potential patients that your office is a warm, inviting and sophisticated place to receive their future dental care. 

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving week is upon us and for many of us that means the start to the holiday hustle and bustle. Before you sit down to enjoy that much anticipated feast with your friends and family, use social media to show your patients (who keep you in practice) just how thankful you are for them. A simple post telling your patients how much you appreciate them is quick and easy, and will keep your practice's marketing plan on track during the busy holiday season.

Keep engaged with your Dental patients during the holidays

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The holidays are just around the corner, and while this time of year may be a "slow" time for your practice, It should certainly not be a slow time for your marketing campaign. Now is the perfect time to start making your lists and checking it twice… your marketing list that is! The fast approaching holiday season gives you the perfect opportunity to engage your patients and potential patients.

Gearing up for your Holiday Marketing Plan

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With the Holiday Season fast approaching, it's time to gear up for your holiday marketing plan. Advertising for the Holidays brings a unique opportunity to increase your sales and business. If you approach the holidays with a solid plan in place, you'll be successful in your holiday marketing.


Creating Events on Facebook



Hosting an event is a great way to get patients and potential patients involved with your practice. There are plenty of social media networks out there to help you accomplish this, and it truly boils down to a personal preference. I recommend Facebook Events to plan and promote your next event. Facebook offers a step by step tutorial that makes setting up and managing your event easy.

Is your website Mobile friendly?

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Now days, more and more consumers are using mobile-friendly devices for searching the internet. Did you know it is estimated that more than 60 percent of all Google searches are performed on mobile devices?While the use of mobile devices to surf the web is growing exponentially, many websites are still not mobile-friendly! This causes the Mobile device to be constrained by display size, and it is displayed improperly. If your website doesn't properly function on smartphones, and tablets; potential customers may opt to search a site that is more mobile-friendly.


#AADOM15 - Where Dental Leaders Are Born

OraBrite attended #AADOM15, the 11th annual Dental Managers Conference held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, August 28-30. We would like to thank AADOM and it's members for a successful show. The conference was packed full of education, networking, career development, great company and amazing food. Where else can a company exhibit and win and award, that's right, OraBrite won the 2015 Foxie Award for being the Most Social! This conference was like no other and OraBrite cannot wait for Boca Raton 2016! AADOM Rocks!


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Blog Part III




Social media is increasingly important in your overall marketing strategy. The whole social media marketing thing can be a bit overwhelming at times, but the key to any successful marketing campaign begins with social media. 

Part II: Brand Development

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Brand image is defined by the profile your business maintains in your competitive environment, for dental offices, this means the proximity of the office, where patients are drawn from. A good metaphor for an effective local brand action is a stone thrown into a still pond- the image of your brand ripples out in your customer area, fading out at the point when your marketing dollar loses impact. Web based tools such as SEO and social media may push your brand impact out further, or increase the longevity of your investment, but in the local market there is no substitute for continual investment in local marketing. So, why brand your practice? Think about your own shopping habits. Chances are you choose the name brand product over the generic product, assuming that the quality of the name brand product is better. Same rules apply to dental practices. You will pick the "brand" you know and trust of over the brand you know nothing about. Shaping your reputation through purposeful branding is your most valuable asset.

Dentamedia area survey- Frisco, TX.



Dentamedia ® is Orabrite's content marketing source, and it reviews the marketing practices of dental offices in the U.S., tracking the leaders in both in-bound and out-bound marketing techniques. The last few years have seen a revolution in the use of new marketing tools by locally owned health care businesses, and our research shows that dental offices lead the way. While the majority of U.S. dental practices remain mired in a static, directory driven approach to local marketing and some offices take halting steps towards the future setting up a web site, dabbling in social media; in our survey we find some offices fully committed to both in-bound and out –bound marketing.


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