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Dental patient giveaways are important in promoting your practice.

Did you know that promotional items are an effective way of getting your practice noticed? After all, people love free stuff!  Studies show that 83% of consumers like to receive a promotional product with an advertising message on it. The key is to find a promotional item that is not only unique, but also has functionality and value. By doing so, you establish credibility and reinforce patient loyalty.


A promotional giveaway is just like any other marketing initiative – it can actually be a less expensive way to advertise than the traditional methods.  It is also a great way to get your information out to a specific demographic area. Unlike other marketing strategies, patient promotion giveaways offer the freedom to target specific markets. You are in control of how much product you buy and where the product will be distributed.



53% of customers use a promotional product once a week or more. So, choosing a promotional item that has a purpose and coincides with the context of your business will surely help to keep your brand in front of your patients and potential patients. In this competetive market you should be looking at options to set your business apart from your competition.



For example, a dental practice should be giving out branded dental related items as part of their marketing campaign.  OraBrite offers a new 15 meter imprinted credit card floss with a mirror on the back. The imprinting allows your practice the opportunity to promote your brand, while the floss and mirror make this a very functional giveaway. The slim credit card design makes this promotional product the perfect item for a purse or wallet. Every time that mirror or floss is used you'll be promoting your practice.


personalized gifts



Nowadays, it's not enough for doctors to rely only on the quality and reputation of their practice; they must also create an image and brand to sustain their patient base. Dental offices are businesses, and just like any other business, the idea is to grow and be profitable. Therefore, your practice needs to apply the same principals and strategies as other businesses.  

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