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Has your practice jumped on the Twitter bandwagon?

Has your practice jumped on the Twitter bandwagon?


dental marketing


If your practice has not jumped on the Twitter bandwagon yet, you are missing out on a lot of potential new business. Twitter offers 271 million active users and more than 500 million tweets per day! Twitter has become a very important social media channel. Your goal as a dental practice is to narrow in on your target audience, and develop a following. The thought of managing such a large social media outlet and trying to develop content that will engage your followers may be overwhelming.


Don't let social media intimidate you, dive right in and start effectively promoting your practice. Your challenge is to find a way to share relevant content, generate more followers and retweets, and ultimately gain more clients.


The basics:

If you're a dental practice you should already have a website and Facebook account as part of your social media platform. By adding Twitter to your daily social media routine you will certainly benefit your practice. These three outlets should all be used to help you maintain a presence- tweeting several times a day will ensure that your profile will be viewed by your followers. Remaining active and current will also help potential new followers find you and notice your diligence.

When designing your profile, be sure to use your practice logo as your avatar. Your cover image should be a picture that reflects your brand or what you want to say about your office. Keep in mind that a cover image that is simple and aesthetically pleasing will get more followers.

When writing your bio, keep it short and simple. Briefly talk about your practice and the services you offer. Include links to your website and Facebook to ensure users can find you easily.
To make your Twitter presence known, start off by following businesses and people in your immediate community. It is likely that if you follow a business on Twitter they will in return follow you as well. This is a way to grown your followers and learn about what is trending in your community.

Make sure that you retweet or favorite interesting tweets. You should also get in the habit of thanking any new followers you may acquire.


Twitter should not be thought of as a number game for examples how many followers your practice has, but more as a quality game the quality of your followers. Quality followers will share and favorite your tweets and this will help to market your practice to the correct clientele.

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