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Creating Events on Facebook

Creating Events on Facebook




Hosting an event is a great way to get patients and potential patients involved with your practice. There are plenty of social media networks out there to help you accomplish this, and it truly boils down to a personal preference. I recommend Facebook Events to plan and promote your next event. Facebook offers a step by step tutorial that makes setting up and managing your event easy.


If you have never created an even on Facebook you are missing out on a powerful marketing tool for your practice. One of the biggest benefits to hosting an event on Facebook is network size. Depending on how many people are fans of your page, your event has the potential to reach hundreds, maybe thousands of people.


Before you roll out your big event on Facebook, it is important to try and expand your fan page demographic. Get patients and potential patients involved by hosting contests… "Like our page and be entered to win tickets to ______!" is a great way to increase your likes. Once you have reached your ideal amount of "fans" you need to continuously engage them. I would suggest daily hints leading up to the big event invite!


When it is finally time to create the event, Facebook makes it easy and walks you through it step by step. Ask yourself if you want this to be an open event (open to everyone) or a private event (invite only). Decide if you want to be the only host to the event or if you would like to appoint other to help facilitate the event. Create a fun catchy title and include a relevant picture and share the event on your Timeline. Make sure you include your office staff in your event and ask them to help generate buzz for the event. Posting comments and pictures will help to keep the event in front of your invitee.


It is a good idea to include a personal message or upload a video to your RSVP's explaining what your event is about and any additional details you want to make sure they know.


Make sure you use all of your other social media outlets to talk up your event and include your Facebook event link so that interested parties can find your event page.


With all of this event promoting you are doing you may not think it is required to send out reminder email, but you would be wrong! It is a good idea to remind your guest about the upcoming event. Use this time to give them any new information pertinent to the event.


During your event make sure to take lots of pictures and upload them to your event page. Once the event is over it is a great idea to recap on what a great time it was and thank your guests for attending.


Follow these simple tips and your next Facebook created event will be a great success.

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