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Keep engaged with your Dental patients during the holidays

Keep engaged with your Dental patients during the holidays


dental marketing

The holidays are just around the corner, and while this time of year may be a "slow" time for your practice, It should certainly not be a slow time for your marketing campaign. Now is the perfect time to start making your lists and checking it twice… your marketing list that is! The fast approaching holiday season gives you the perfect opportunity to engage your patients and potential patients.

If you do not have a "marketing" team in place, you'll need to get one. Ask around your office for volunteers to be on your marketing committee. Assign each member of your team a weekly blog topic or create a fall news letter relavant to dental and the holiday and share on your social media pages. Come up with a clever title to real in your audience and intice them to read your post. Try something like "Ho-Ho-Holy Sugar: Holiday treats that may not leave you feeling festive" as a catchy title. This is a fun way to educate your readers about foods to avoid this holiday season.

Send out holiday specials and encourage an end-of-year appointment. Patients are probably not thinking about a teeth cleaning this time of year, but this is the perfect time to lure them in! Many flex spending accounts have an end of year expiration. Try a "Use it or lose it" promotion encouraging patients to use up the balance on their flex account. The first of the year brings about resetting of many insurance deductibles. If your patients have met their deductible for the year, getting one last teeth cleaning or treatment in before their deductible resets is smart. During the bustle of the holiday season, reminding your patients of this may be well received. By sending these reminders and a special holiday promotion you could help to turn a traditionally slow time in the office into a very profitable end of the year.

Have a Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deal! You do not have to be a retail store to jump on the Christmas spending bandwagon. Try offering some deep discounts if New Patients sign up for treatments on those days. Sell gift cards for teeth cleanings or whitening treatments that patients can purchase as gifts for friends and family.

The possibilities are endless! A little creativity can make this time of year a very profitable time for your practice. By simply taking these steps, your office is well on its way to a happy and profitable holiday season!

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