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Non-contact Temperature sensor measuring with Face Recognition, Dispenser + 60cm Stand


Item# ORA60019

This device has AI biometric technology that uses the infrared sensor to measure and record the body temperature in real time based on the facial feature information of the person. This device is based on a multi-task cascaded convolutional neural network face algorithm Technology to effectively extract, identify and compare human facial features, support face recognition by wearing a mask, and measure body temperature, which is widely used. Fast Temperature Screening in public places: businesses, supermarket, school, office, park, shopping mall etc. This device has a automatic hand sanitizer dispenser and 60 cm floor stand which both items attach to. Floor stand has 2 USB ports. The soap dispenser tank holds 32 ounces.

• 5.0 " capacitive touch screen 854 * 480

• Fast Temperature Detection: non-contact body surface temperature measured within 1 second, avoids cross infection

• Accuracy: ±0.3 ~ 0.5°

• Technology platform: LINUX intelligent operating system

• Dynamic face recognition verification, password verification, face + password verification, password verification, face +

  password verification, (customizable ID/IC card)

• Running memory : 4GBit DDR3, storage capacity 32GBit

• Face recognition accuracy better than 99%

• It can run offline in the disconnected mode without relying on computer control

• Visible light + infrared light binocular live detection and recognition to prevent fraud on mobile phone photos and videos

• Support online photo import or photo registration, face registration directly on the touch screen, u disk import photo

  registration face

• Support wearing face mask to register face, wearing face mask to brush face recognition

• Multiple authentication modes: face, password, credit card (optional) and other modes

• Voice prompt "normal body temperature" when body temperature is normal, voice abnormal “body temperature

  abnormality" when body temperature is abnormal

I unit per box.

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