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Institutional Blog   OraLine now offers a complete line of oral care and personal hygiene products designed specifically for the correctional environment. From toothbrushes with security features, to our new ADAAccepted line of clear toothgels, to our innovative personal hygiene products, OraLine Secure Care Products offers you solutions for all of the issues involved in daily personal hygiene in the correctional environment.

The leading feature of OraLine Secure Care Products is our total dedication to clear, flexible packaging in the presentation of our products. Flexible packaging in clear tubes means that our product has the most built-in resistance to inmate tampering and the concealment of contraband. Furthermore, all of our tubes are made of Ceramis®, a clear material with barrier qualities that ensure the retention of moisture, flavor or fragrance. One of the biggest issues facing the introduction of clear packaging to the correctional environment is inmate acceptance.

OraLine is the only correctional supplier who offers true private label equivalents to national brands, as all of our products are made with the highest quality standards. We invite you to speak with our merchandise specialists today concerning new products, kit packaging, questions or ideas you may have. You may also review our information at our OraLine website,



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