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UV LED Room Sterilizer


Item# ORA60101

This is an innovative one-stop solution for space disinfection. It’s a fast, effective, ozone-free sterilization solution that can be widely applied to public spaces like classrooms, elevators, clinics, retail stores, workplaces, public restrooms and catering services to create a safe environment.

The temporary shutdown or reduced operation of a building can create hazards for returning occupants, stated by CDC. Except for this, the highest risk from a meeting room is overcrowding, and it’s hard to be disinfected thoroughly due to frequent use.

This is the simplest sterilizer, with automatic lighting and disinfection functions. When people approach, it automatically lights up. When people leave, it automatically activates the ultraviolet disinfection function to ensure that the objects and air in the space are clean and to avoid infection of object surface and aerosol germs. It’s reliable safety design ensures that the human body is not exposed to ultraviolet light; No ozone is produced. it does not need to be ventilated for 30 minutes like a UV mercury lamp after disinfection, the space can be used immediately. It’s chemical-free, the most environmentally friendly disinfection method. This product is suitable for disinfecting objects and air in any space.

Automatic Disinfection It automatically lights up when people approach, and disinfection starts automatically when

  people walk away

• Space & Air Sterilization Floods the space with UVC light killing airborne germs and bacteria

Smart Radar Detection Human radar detection and motion detection sensors are used to ensure safety

• Ozone Free Can be used immediately after disinfection without ventilation

• Suitable for Different Spaces Disinfection program can be set to adapt to different sizes of space

1 UV LED Room Sterilizer per box

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